Windowblinds Tutorials

These tutorials are for SkinStudio v5 and earlier!!
Skin studio v1.0
(older tut but some good points that still apply)

Stardocks tut
(an indepth and somewhat confusing but covers alot)

New WindowBlinds 4.5 window frame possiblities by Adam Najmanowicz

10 Things to check before uploading your WindowBlinds Skin by Adam Najmanowicz

Changing the colors for an existing WB Theme by Adam Najmanowicz

Skin Optimizing Tips by The Green Reaper (Laurence Parry)

How to create an animation for WB. by Adam Najmanowicz

Animations and .avi files by Scarbear

Compact Start Menus by Skin Studio

The simple UIS1 tutorial by Frogboy

How does one define a font to use for WindowBlinds by Adam Najmanowicz

Where's that "File dialog... *something*" section? by Adam Najmanowicz

Windowblinds went translucency crazy! by Adam Najmanowicz

WindowBlinds 5 translucent frames explained by Adam Najmanowicz

Po' Smedley's Anti-tutorial Tutorial series

My Windowblinds Anti-tutorial Tutorial

Part One-My Windowblinds Anti-tutorial Tutorial

Part Two- My Windowblinds Anti-tutorial Tutorial

PART 3 -My windowblinds Anti-Tutorial Tutorial

SkinStudio Tutorial - Creating a Taskbar by Zero (aka rjsmith)

Make a translucent start pane like a pro by Adam Najmanowicz

Text alignment in Start Panel

How to make a compact start menus in a substyle by Adam Najmanowicz

Tips on Compact Start menus (as a substyle)

Problem: Notch in frame when rolled up by SK Originals

How big is that thing anyway? by Adam Najmanowicz

A Complete Guide to the Start Panel: Pt 1 by SK Originals

A Complete Guide to the Start Panel: Pt 2 by SK Originals

ShutDownDialog and LogOffDialog code glitch 'How to fix it' by SK Originals

TrackBar skin settings, and layout tutorial by NWD
Temporarly down, will relink at a later date.

WB'S-Skinstudio VID Tutorial by mrrste

A series of tutorials at SkinArtistry, it is a members only section so you must join the site
Temporarly down, will relink at a later date.

Skinning 101 Lesson 1 and 2 by bebop

Skinning 101- Lesson 1 'Video' by Pumakitten

Skinning 101- Lesson 2 'Video' by Pumakitten

Skinning 101 - Lesson 3 - Frames and Buttons by bebop

Skinning 101- Lesson 3 'Video' by Pumakitten

Skinning 101 - Lesson 4 - Controls by bebop

Skinning 101- Lesson 4 'Video' by Pumakitten

Skinning 101 - Lesson 5 - the XP Shell and Beyond by bebop

Skinning 101 audio tutorials intro by Pumakitten

Skinning 101 Basic Elements by PumaKitten

Skinning 101 Intro in video format! by Pumakitten

Buttons Glows in SkinStudio by NWD

Transparent Taskbar In XP by getfirefox