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Decorous (Photograph Walls) By: digitalpix4all

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09 Jun : 14:05
Ah well

18 Apr : 15:29
Damn, even spam in the poll comments.

18 Apr : 15:07
Damn, haven't been the mod here in years and it seems I put up the poll. I see its been 5 years for the last spotlight and the spam is all over the place. Hi all.

12 Apr : 15:00
Me Too. Is SDN going to continue?

12 Apr : 14:58
Me Too. Is SDN going to continue?

11 Apr : 21:53
still here

08 Mar : 23:11
Wow, haven't been on this site since 2007. Time flies

04 Jan : 16:55
Hi There

25 Nov : 17:35
How we gonna know whose birthday it is?

11 Oct : 00:10
something is working

How Many WindowBlinds Skins Do You Have?

1. 5 and under

2. 6-10

3. 11-15

4. 16-20

5. Over 20

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Votes: 24 Comments: 33
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Bendin' The Strings by: digitalpix4all in: Graphic Walls
Chelonii by: digitalpix4all in: Photograph Walls
Taffy by: digitalpix4all in: Graphic Walls
Modest by: digitalpix4all in: Photograph Walls
Wizner by: digitalpix4all in: Graphic Walls
Curtains Open by: digitalpix4all in: Photograph Walls
TuLilys by: digitalpix4all in: Photograph Walls
Accord by: digitalpix4all in: Graphic Walls
Salt Point Splash by: digitalpix4all in: Photograph Walls
Skinning Tutorials

These tutorials are all links to known tutorials placed in one area to make them easier to find. Skinning tutorials are all over the internet but hunting them down can be a real pain, hopefully this section will help you too.

How to get started for new users (Stardock products)

General Skinning tuts

WindowBlinds Tutorials

DesktopX Tutorials

ObjectDock Tutorials

BootSkin and LogonStudio Tutorials

Icon Tutorials

WMP, WinAmp and Xion Tutorials

CursorXP Tutorials

ObjectBar Tutorials

Yahoo! Widgets Tutorials

NextStart - Winstep Tutorials

HoverDesk, Aston Shell and AveDesk Tutorials

SysMetrix Tutorials

Be sure to also check out the WinCustomize Wiki tutorial section for yet more great tutorials!!WinCustomize Wiki Tutorial Page

If you know of a tutorial or maybe you wrote one for a skinning program and would like to have it added to the listings here then feel free to post a thread about it in the "Help and Support" forum and we'll see about including it.

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