What is skinning?
Okay, so what is it? Skinning is where you completely change the look, feel and sometimes layout of a program. Many of you already know what a skin is (such as Windows Media Player and WinAmp). But there is a lot more programs than just these. Including ones that will completely re-skin windows itself and stand alone programs that are skinable and useful.
Here are a few Screenshot of just how far you can go to creating your own look and feel to your machine.
And that's just a start.... Some of the programs (other than the media players above) include freeware ones such as Rainlender (a calender program and more) and Sysmetrix (a system monitor and a whole lot more). Then there are the ones you can try for free but, the real full blown versions will cost you. From changing your shell (Windows and MacOS's) with Windowblinds, Lightstep and Talisman to going all out and changing your cusor with CursorXP, bootscreen, logon screen, icons and so on. Even widgets and gadgets with Kapsules and Konfabulator (recently bought by Yahoo! and now called Yahoo! Widgets). The process is endless.