(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. What is skinning?
Click this link for a brief introduction into what skinning is.

  • 2. What is a User Class?
Skinning.net takes advantage of user classes to define access areas to our site. These classes include...
'Skinner', a person who creates skins for programs.
'Program Rep.', a person who acts as an official voice for a program.
'Offsite Op.', A person who is in authority (ie. Administrator) at another site.
If you feel you are one of these people and do not have this classification please notify one of our Admins.

  • 3. Some words on uploading to Skinning.net.
There are some very important things to keep in mind when uploading to our site.
1. Please make sure to upload to the correct category.
2. Make sure your file names are unique, if your file name is the same as one that has already been used it will NOT upload to the site.
3. Uploads must include a screenshot. Wallpapers and icons must be placed in a zip file format.
Also, all uploads go through an approval period so some time might take place before you see your upload. We are not in a habit of rejecting uploads but it does occur, mostly for non-working and/or inappropriate material.

  • 4. I would like to upload a skin for _____ but I don't see a category for it. What should I do?
We would love to support whatever skins you are creating and people are downloading so please if this occurs contact an admin and tell us about it. We will review the program (that is being skinned) and get back to you on if we will include it in our download area.

  • 5. I uploaded _____ to Skinning.net and I want to update it, how can I do that?
Updating a download is as easy as contacting an admin and telling us what needs to be updated and sending us any files if need be. We will work with you to get that done in a timely fashion.

  • 6. I have a WIP (Work in Progress) and was hoping for some help and/or opinions, what can I do?
We have a forum for 'Help and Support' which we use for just this sort of thing. Take a moment to read this thread and feel free to show us your WIP. WIP's thread: Link

  • 7. I downloaded a 'skin' from ____ and it doesn't work. Why?
The most common problem here is you do not have the program the skin was designed to be used with. Many skins such as Windowblind ones only work with the WindowBlinds program from Stardock. Another common problem is the skin itself may not be working properly, in which case contacting the author of the skin is your best option. There might be other reasons but these first two explanations usually answer 80-90% of those who ask this question.

  • 8. I'm from another site and I want to tell people what great news we have. Can I link to my other site?
Yes. This is another thing we encourage to the fullest extent and there is a special forum for this as well called 'Whats new at our site!'. Tell us and everyone who comes here what is going on and link back to your place.

  • 9. I don't see a link to our great site on the "Links" page, can I get one up here?
Please, if we don't have a link to a site that in some way deals with skinning of any kind, tell us. We will review your request and if suitable get a link up as soon as we can. One of our many goals is to expand the skinning community and let everyone know as much as we can as to what is available to them.

  • 10. I would like to see an RSS feed in the "Newsfeed" section, how do I get you to put it in there?
Just tell us about the feed you would like to see and we will check into it... if it deals with skinning or things we believe skinners and/or people who love skins might be interested in then we have no problems putting it up.

  • 11. I represent another site and would like to 'Partner' with Skinning.net, how do I do that?
Becoming a partner to Skinning.net requires a review from all our Admins. Some things we take into consideration are the focus of the site, its size and how active the site is. Not all sites can be placed in the 'Partners' section as it wouldn't be right to have 20+ links there. We are more than happy to post a suitable link in the 'Links' pages, allow an RSS feed in the 'Newsfeeds' pages and encourage you to let us know whats going on at your site at the very least.

  • 12. I see a Calendar. What's it for and can I add stuff to it?
The Calendar is used to inform members of up-coming events such as Skinning Contest or items of interest involving the skinning community. A member can request items to be included on the Calendar by contacting an Admin. If a suitable request has been made the item will be considered for inclusion.

  • 13. What do I do if I ever feel I have been banned from the site by mistake?
Skinning.net has an auto-ban feature in place to help protect our members, the server and the site itself. There are many reasons someone might be banned which include posting 2 comments in less then 10 seconds, 101 hits within an allotted time frame, 10 failed login attempts and others. If you ever feel you have been banned from the site by mistake please feel free to contact one of our admins and we will see about removing it. However, even if the ban is removed the same auto-ban features are still in place and violation of them will ban you again.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask, we will be happy to assist you.
skinning The Skinning.net Staff