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Decorous (Photograph Walls) By: digitalpix4all

Selected by jimbo9294

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09 Jun : 14:05
Ah well

18 Apr : 15:29
Damn, even spam in the poll comments.

18 Apr : 15:07
Damn, haven't been the mod here in years and it seems I put up the poll. I see its been 5 years for the last spotlight and the spam is all over the place. Hi all.

12 Apr : 15:00
Me Too. Is SDN going to continue?

12 Apr : 14:58
Me Too. Is SDN going to continue?

11 Apr : 21:53
still here

08 Mar : 23:11
Wow, haven't been on this site since 2007. Time flies

04 Jan : 16:55
Hi There

25 Nov : 17:35
How we gonna know whose birthday it is?

11 Oct : 00:10
something is working

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A Skinner's World - A Community Project
WOM , Monday 13 July 2009 - 02:13:40 // comment: 3

Introducing A Skinner’s World
The Community project

2of3 and I were chatting a while back about a new WindowBlinds skin for SDN.
We came up with some ideas and bounced them around to a few people, and the community project idea was set.
The purpose of the project was to design a suite by SDN members to promote this great site and as a tribute of the dedication
SK Originals, Hankers & WOM made throughout the skinning community.
Many of the graphics for the project were inspired by the site and were done by 2of3 before the team was assembled.
With a very talented team assembled the project started in March.
The release was pushed back in order to make the suite the best that it can be.
I have found that means a lot to the project team members. Most of them can tell you the first time SK Originals helped them with a skin. Some can tell you when they had be to set back on the straight and narrow by WOM, as well tell you of the guidance that he and Hankers has given to them. This is a complete suite of skins done by very talented people. I want to thank them all for their contributions and patience.
Go on over to the Downloads Gallery (link) at and check out the suite .

WindowBlinds: 2of3, Xiandi, & The A/V Man Link

BootSkin: Quentin94 (ArileenDesign) Link

BootSkinPro: Quentin94 (ArileenDesign) Link

LogonStudio (XP): Quentin94 (ArileenDesign) Link

LogonStudio (Vista): Quentin94 (ArileenDesign) Link

Wall Package: PuterDudeJim (Redneck Dude) Link

Icon Package (Lite Edition): KittyMalone (Vampothika) Link

CursorFX: PuterDudeJim (Redneck Dude) Link

DX Theme: Murex Link

Right click: bk13garbageman Link

ObjectDock: PuterDudeJim Link

SysMetrix: Lan-Tec

Rainlendar: Lovely62

Xion Player: Black-Knight Link

WinAmp Skin: The D2JBug Link

Some skins have been uploaded to WinCustomize.
Icon Package: KittyMalone (Vampothika) Link

There are also a few bonus skins and cool graphics as well a team video.
DesktopX Clock Gadget: The A/V Man Link

Bonus RightClick Skin: Lan-Tec Link

A Skinner’s World Avatars: Jimbo9294 Link

A Skinner’s World Team Video: Jimbo9294 Link

A Skinner's World Team Dream: CarGuy1 Link

A Skinner's World Team Screensaver(full screen): Jimbo9294 Link

A Skinner's World Team Screensaver(Wide screen): Link

Links will be updated as they become available

[Submitted by jimbo9294]

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