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Space Barge
Author Murex
Author email -email-
Description Space Barge by Murex

Due to the size of the main object this theme will only run on 1400 resolution and up.

Every thing is in one main object and can be moved any where on the screen.
Space Barge comes equipped with.
Weather with 5 day forecast that slides up from the top. scripts by martin tweaked by sViz
Calender scripts by Martin
System information, Meters Cpu, Tcp in and out
Two end pods that slide out
Center slides out to reveal sliding menus one has all the shortcuts to main system programs which will show corresponding icons of the program selected, the other larger menu is for either text shortcuts or icon shortcuts to your programs.
Both of these menus slide up to reveal Menus under them for more text or icons.

The Scripts for the sliding menus are by RomanDA Modified by sViz to work with my theme. The scripts for icon fade in and out are by sViz.

I have wanted to do a theme like this for a while now but it wasn’t until I found the scripts by RomanDA that made it possible to make the theme look as if the objects moved instead of just (it’s there, now it isn’t look)

I know this look isn’t for every one but for those of you that like it and download it I hope you have as much fun using it as I had making it.

I want to give my heart felt thanks to Xiandi sViz and Black Knight for letting me discuss my theme with them and for testing it out and to TSS for giving us a place to meet and talk to each other.

And a big Thanks to sViz for helping me out with the scripts that were used in my theme.

Check out some other Tutorials and scripts by RomanDA

Check out some work by sViz here Link

Filesize 4.66 MB
Date Saturday 07 March 2009 - 00:29:19
Downloads 18
 8.0 - 1 vote 
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Space Barge Hankers | 10 Mar : 17:25
Comments: 153

Registered: 15 Jan : 18:00
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Nice one, Murex.

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Zunday BEAR!!

21 Sep : 11:10
Good morning guys!!

20 Sep : 21:00
For sure!!

19 Sep : 21:34
We need WOM back!!

19 Sep : 16:12
Yep, I know...just would be nice if someone worked the site!

19 Sep : 14:50
No one with the code to change it!

18 Sep : 00:42
Could be almost time to change the featured image above....

D Man
14 Sep : 14:52
Whats up

13 Sep : 16:39
Hey hey!!!

D Man
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