SDN Spotlight: k10w3
29 Aug : 17:33  by jimbo9294

To be honest this spotlight was to be posted back in April, but as like so many other families, we had some few rough months. Although are not completely back to normal, they are getting better. I want to thank everyone for thoughts and prayers.

This Spotlight features k10w3. I want to thank her for her patience for taking too long to post the interview. I changed some of the images to highlight her more recent skins. k10w3 has been skinning for over 4 years and has been a member at SDN for over 3 years. She is also a member at Skinartistry2, DeviantArt, and is a Journeyman at WinCustomize. k10w3 creates Windowblinds (she states they are her favorite) but she also likes making wallpaper and Rainlendar skins.

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How did you get started in skinning?
”I think the way most skinners do – I liked the skins that were available, but I had my own ideas of what I wanted to do with my desktop; things I just wasn’t seeing in other people’s work. I’m a pretty independent person, and didn’t want to rely on somebody else to execute my ideas.”

Who are your favorite skinners?
”Right now probably my favorite is Ross Fairbanks, and I really like some of the stuff that Navigatsio has been putting out lately; but there have been so many in the past…Adni18, DanilloOc, vStyler, SKOriginals – I really couldn’t say WHO my all time favorite is.”

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Has anyone of them, inspired you to make a skin? If so, elaborate a bit.
”There are so many that have been an influence to me – Vampothika and Night Train were the first to mentor me, and I will always owe them for that. There’s absolutely no way I’d be where I am today in the world of skinning without them. Some of my darker themes were definitely inspired by Vampothika, and especially Fang Shui – that’s probably my total tribute to her. Her style is very different from my own, but we are both of one mind. She’s like a sister I have in a dream world.”

Of the skins you made, which is your favorite?
”LOL – the one I’m making now!”

Do you have anything you are working on now?
”I have many projects started but the one that’s “hooked” me the hardest is a Windowblind I’m calling “Garden Fresh” – inspired by the victory garden my husband planted for me this year. I’ve changed my eating pattern over the past year to include much more produce, and to help with the added increase in our food budget that came from that change, he decided to “grow our own” of the stuff I eat regularly each day.”

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What skins are you using right now on your desktop?
”Tea Time, by Ross Fairbanks, a Sumi-e like wallpaper I made in the same colors, and an Object dock tabbed dock I also made to match it.”

Stay tuned to find out who is next to be put under the Spotlight.